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looks so natural, lol

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Altea/Antea is without a doubt my favourite model on any Met-Network site. (This is a huge statement, given the thousands of beautiful women Met-Network has worked with). She was the reason i first purchased my membership so many years ago, and continues to be the primary reason. She is... THE BEST.

She has:
The best hair...
The best and most angelic face... EVER. Gorgeous eyes, plump cheeks, nose, lips, freckles, everything....
The best smile EVER... And i mean that. THE BEST! Its charming, its innocent, its sexy, hot... Its the best!
The slimmest and trimmest, most athletic body...
The most perfect, plump, gorgeous little boobs and nipples...
Beautiful, beautiful abs, they are too die for...
The prettiest, most beautiful, most perfect pussy...
The best ass... EVER, EVER, EVER... EVER... no other bum compares, and no other bum ever will
The longest, smoothest, luscious, most perfectly toned legs... EVER, no other legs compare, or ever will
Beautiful hands, beautiful feet, beautiful nails... beautiful everything!

Altea/Antea is the definition of PERFECT!

I thank Altea/Antea so very much, I thank Erro (her photographer), I thank Met... I just thank everyone. I hope Altea/Antea never ever stops modelling. I could NEVER... and will NEVER... get enough.

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I totally get on with you and as for your words they denote you are a truly women connoisseur !