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Correct me if I am right but the sets that I have so far seen of Beverly seem essentially to be variations or extras of two separate sets so one wonders if we will see much more that is new of her. But we must indeed hope to see much more of Beverly as she is frankly magnificent - so natural and beautiful and so very womanly x

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You ARE right, concerned citizen, so no need to correct you. Yann has a limited showing across the MetArt neighborhood (he's been around a while with hardly anything to show for it) and all are outdoor shoots. I hope other photo artists recognize the potential of Beverly A and hire her; it would be a shame if this were the beginning and end of such a sexy beauty... Erro?

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Thanks for the information, JOHANNES BLT - we must then just live in the hope that the gods of sexy beauties will yet smile upon us...

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Beverly is a beautiful and sexy woman; I would like to see her in an indoors shoot where the light is more flattering, and she's not squinting in so many pics. What's with all the outdoor galeries lately?!

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