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very boring

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I have been at EA for only 2 days,and this is perhaps the 3rd time I have seen this comment from this don person.There have been others equally inconsiderate.Something is wrong somewhere,and it is on the inside,and not what is being viewed.As is usual with clones,they cannot operate independently being far too weak,and so seek others of their type for backup/support.Enter wooky.Seen it all before.

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I'm guessing that there will be a part 2 of this series with some more revealing shots, but it would have been nice to include some pictures of Genevieve showing some pussy in the first part.

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stupid remark as usual,and deliberately offensive.

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a wooky or wookie,if memory serves me well,was a 7 foot high yeti-like creature serving alongside Han Solo in the Star Wars movies. Its method of communication consisted entirely of monosyllabic grunts,and well lookity here,its still around,only its partner is called don,an equally witless and boring thing that constantly repeats the same stupidity over and over,along with its wooky.
It so happens that I have a great affection for Genevieve.being familiar with her galleries at MetArt,and do not enjoy to see her being described in such terms.It seems that instruction in courtesy is necessary.

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