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One of my favorite models at this site! Love shot #34.

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We know from some of her other sets that Iveta has inverted nipples. How then did she manage to keep her nipples erect in so many of the the shots here? Some in my circle say it is due to the cold, as evidence by the goose pimples on her body (see #7,15,21, et al). Others think the artist has them glued up. A real mystery but Iveta gets 10 all the time.

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Hi Hayley,

I don't have an Antea set on the 31st but I DO have one coming on January 7. With that one she is paired with Melisa :) Enjoy and have a happy New Year!

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Yay! Thanks K :) I will mark the date :) Thank you! You too!

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It's not often we see her anymore, but when we do... It sure is an event! Thank you Erro, thank you Iveta and thank you K. A wonderful way to end the year :)

I do have a request, could you send me out with an Antea bang on the 31st? Pretty please?