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  • Age first shot: 23
  • Eye color: brown
  • Hair color: blonde
  • Breasts: small
  • Shaved: shaved
  • Measurements: 33/25/35
  • Height: 6'0"
  • Weight: 139 lbs
  • Country: Czech Republic
  • Ethnicity: Caucasian
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One thing I can't stand is this stupid assumption that if I want to have sex with someone it means I want to live them for the rest of my life. How many of you, men, don't try to flirt with me just because you're damned afraid I would fall in love with you, phone you to your work or wait you outside your house? Is this the reason why I shouldn't have an equal right to have sex for one night? Why should I feel like or be called a slut? Just because I feel like having a sex with a man I'm seeing for the first time? No that doesn't mean I resigned love or relationship. All it means is that I now want to have sex with you! Without thinking about consequences, with no plans or presumptions. So clean up your head get rid of the prejudice about women being opposed to a one night adventure and you might be surprised what happens next time you go out.

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ERRO why do you keep over using of editing ??? As you could see all others photographers stop using photoshop.

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Wunderschöner Nackedei, wenn ich Lilly ganz nackig sehe, wird mein Spatz immer ganz steif...

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Ok, ok, I have no stupid assumptions. Your place or mine?

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Sex is best shared when the moment is right, even if it the first moment you meet, or the right moment after many years of being together. Everything about Lilly is so beautiful, I can't help but want to touch all of her all at once in that first moment, and spend many hours exploring all the things about her and the places I have not touched. Incredible girl ... Epic.

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Wenn ich Lilly ganz nackig sehe, wird mein Spatz immer ganz steif...

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Wunderschöner Nackedei...

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One beautiful, and sexy lady. Would love to get a chance to find out more about her.