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Whatever happened to Marketa? In her early work she happily spread her legs for some beautiful intimate shots and then suddenly she got all coy, keeping her legs firmly together or putting her hand between them. In this gallery she accidentally shows some pussy in ONE picture when taking her shoe off. I preferred the original Marketa.

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Does this model ever show anything of interest ?

Major yawn !!!

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yes why even do this I'm not saving her sets

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Yes but like Verunka Marketa too does not reveal much .

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I actually like that. It demonstrates how respectful artists working for the MetNetwork are - ensuring that the girls are in control of what they do and don't show.

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She has shown a lot more in the past, she still looks great though, those legs!.

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Ooooooo... it's so beautiful! Marketa, yep yep, she's such a sexy, flirty, fun blondie!!! :) :) :) Totally adore her :)

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