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In this admirable Work the splendid Mia Sollis is like a marvellous Siren
before my eyes.
I love You, Maestro. ♥♥♥

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I don't see the appeal of a lovely model covered in mud or sand.

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If any one was paying attention they would realize this is only Delta's second set ever posted on Errotica. Both of Mia. Yes it is shot in the style Erro established. It also like Erro did the 2nd posting from the same photo shoot. And yes Wolvie it is shot Erro's style for this setting until you get to the end. The last 5 pics are purely Delta Style and look closer Mia seems very happy which she seldom shows us. Is it archive? Yes! But who cares anytime we get more Mia is a good day!!!!!

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Now everybody wants to join Erro's 'Muddy Up the Model' school of photography. Boo!

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I love her red hair and freckles, her beauty is stunning

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