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What a great set. Everything here works perfectly together. I could fill a page with descriptions of what makes each photograph a gem, but I don't have that much time, nor would anyone want to read it all. The way Nikia works with (or should I say plays with?) what she's given and brings out her beauty and joy is masterful. Few models can look into the camera the way Nikia does. They don't have the advantage of having her lovely face and cherished smile. Nikia has a way of bringing out a personality that feels 100% genuine, bringing an intimacy to her work that few - if any - other models can match. Perhaps Rylsky deserves some of the credit for this also. What the two of you create nearly brings me to tears every time, because the work is so precious among all the other works on the internet. It's powerful and moving material. All models eventually stop and I just dread the day when Nikia decides to move on from nude modeling. The body of work will always be, of course, but Nikia's presence will be missed. I had that thought yesterday that perhaps Nikia had stopped. Thanks, Rylsky, for letting me know this is not the case. I would actually encourage Nikia to never stop modeling. Even if she stops doing nudes, I would love to see her as she grows through life's changes.

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