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This serves as a superb study on how to do erotic modeling! Nikia's movements are flawless. I notice in many photos how she uses her hands to enhance the creative elements of a photo, but certainly there is more than that. The energy coming from her facial expressions, her eyes, the way her hair falls, what she does with her dress (by the way, the dress is a perfect compliment to this set - the color coordination is perfect!), all of the positions of her limbs, so subtle at times providing fresh, vibrant poses. This gallery is alive and Nikia draws the viewer in as though the viewer is there too. She has that way about her and I'm sure Rylksy does too, as he achieves his goal of making the viewer forget that there's a camera between the viewer and the model. I love how a set that contains nothing but a color and a model within that color can deliver such perfect artwork! Your achievements this year, Nikia, are mind-blowing! You and Rylsky are soaring to magnificent heights together in the works you have released!! I think I can safely say that your fans are truly astounded!

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A thumbs up to this comment does not suffice. Well said loose, you perfectly describe what makes this collaboration so astounding.

I came to erroticaarchives hoping there would be more of an emphasis on art than at some of the metart suite of sites. This set exemplifies that desire.

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