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I think the floor pictures on the canvas (or drop cloth or whatever that is) would be perfect in black and white. I hope that you will do a b/w set with Nikia this year. I almost dread to say that, because I have this feeling that her final gallery will be in black and white. I don't want any gallery to be her final one. There are some images here where she looks like she could be flying. I think that in b/w she could appear even more so, because the background nearly resembles clouds. Then there were the unusual poses taken at unusual angles (images 50-55). I could see them really tripping the viewer in b/w. I had at few interpretations of those photos. One involves motherhood or giving birth (which I think is coming to Nikia's life very soon) and the other involves the pleasures of anal sex, and a third is geared towards the pleasures of oral sex. I wonder if any of the three take aways have anything to do with what Nikia was trying to express. Perhaps she wasn't trying to express anything, but just posing and letting the pictures become whatever they may. I would be interesting if Nikia would blog about the topic of modeling and how she actually approaches it. I'd like to know if there is any method to what she does. Well, certainly, feel free to contribute more b/w images to your galleries. The one in this set was very effective! I think Nikia's admirers really do appreciate her expressiveness and the art of what you and she do together and so would admire the power that a b/w gallery could bring in finding another dimension within Nikia's person (soul and body). Of course, there's always the option to have both b/w and color in the gallery, to satisfy the lust for flesh that viewers come to erotica for (btw, this set was tremendous in bringing Nikia to us in the flesh - goodness, the cravings for her fly off the chart). Anyway, I just thought I'd share my thoughts about how this set could have worked splendidly in b/w. Now I'll head to the fridge and pour me a glass the wholesome stuff and contemplate...milk. ;-)

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No way to improve on this set! Thank you kindly!

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Very nice exploration of perspectives here, offering once again something we've never quite seen in a Nikia set before. Nikia almost seems like a new woman. There are images the viewer just wants to sit back and admire and there are others are so new they cause one to pause with wonder. Then there are those images where the viewer wants to dive in and enjoy the pleasure of pleasuring this amazing beauty or even to just ravish her for one's own sake. After how many galleries (over 160?), you show that you can still come up with something new and...Especial!

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