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There is not much to add to Ulysses' post. But since I love to see my name under Raisa's sets: I am so glad. I really thought the sets of Raisa ran out and that was it. But yes, yes, yes. There is still stuff coming. Thank you so much... :))

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Perfect demonstration of the adage 'the whole is greater than the sum of its (her) parts'. Admiring Raisa (Lily C) for many years now: she just keeps getting better & better. Or as one of my recipe sites calls itself: Yummly. Only thing wrong with this set was it was way, way too short.

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Ulysses, if you hadn't noticed by now, ErroticaArchives sets are split in two and sometimes parts one and two are presented months, and sometimes years apart. ( :

More sets of our models on the MetArt Network: