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  • Age first shot: 21
  • Eye color: blue
  • Hair color: blonde
  • Breasts: small
  • Measurements: 35/24/35
  • Height: 5'6"
  • Weight: 119 lbs
  • Country: Russian Federation
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My favourite place for having sex is the bed. I don't mean I refuse it or feel odd at any other place far from that I also love impulsive sex wherever it happens to take place I am always ready to welcome the change, I know thing would get dull without it. But it's like with expensive sea-food in a posh restaurant. Imagine you'd have to eat it everyday instead of your usual diet. You'd be bored and desperate for bread and butter after a weak. So the bed is the place where I enjoy it most and where I'm ready to have it almost any time.

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